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Home in Cabbagetown, Toronto

 I was told (to my surprise) that the bricks in all these handsome buildings are a facade, i.e. the external cladding of wood frame houses. Coulda fooled me.

Goin Home…

I've been on the road for 26 days now. 6 flights, 5 hotels, 2 airbnb's, 2 radio interviews, one TV interview, 3 sleepovers at friends' houses (including Bruno's boat); taxis, Supershuttle, subway and bus rides, miles and miles of walking, all for the sake of 8 bookstore presentations for Small Homes.

The good part is that it's good to get out and meet people, to get outside the California bubble, and hopefully to promote sales of the new book. The down side is so much time away from home. I'm homesick.

Following is all pretty obvious to seasoned travelers. (I'm just killing time at the airport here.)

Giant Graffiti Bushwick Brooklyn

That's a real live kid standing on the sidewalk (where the painting continues).