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The Art of Gabrielle Garland

I finally met Gabrielle Garland, whose whimsical paintings of homes I've admired since discovering them a year ago. Here are a couple on the wall of her studio/home in Brooklyn. For 100s of her paintings and drawings, see:

A Plethora of Media

I’m in kind of a communications muddle right now.
• Worked on high school newspaper 1952
• Ran US Air Force base newspaper in Germany 1958-60
• Shelter editor of Whole Earth Catalog 1969-73
• Published Domebook One in 1970, Domebook 2 in 1971
• Published Shelter in 1973
• 1973-present day, published series of various books, mostly on building and fitness
• Interspersed between: a series of magazine articles, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, posters, hand-crafted, hand-lettered scrapbooks (print runs of two (2), panoramic photo collages, a few videos, and stretching software (StretchWare). All extracurricular.
•Started a blog in 2010. Why not? I gave it a whirl and liked it. (Thanks, Eszter!) Some 5,000 posts later, I realized it was taking a lot of time, and no income. I backed off and so did my readers (see graph):

•At that point I started with Instagram. Photo-oriented, whereas my blog was word-oriented. I liked being able to record something (iPhone photo) and get it up there right away. I liked the age group using it. All my Instagram posts automatically go up on my Twitter account and blog, but it’s not a great solution. The formats don’t transfer very well. Hmmm… So here I am.

Well, OK!

#washingtonsquarepark thronged with people enjoying sun, music, good vibes...

#washingtonsquarepark sunny skies late Friday afternoon after light rain

Grilled chicken #Vietnamese #sandwich at Saigon Kitchen, 114 McDougal St., 2 blocks south of #washingtonsquarepark $7.00. Cash only (gladly!). Great food.

Poster for "Goth Postpunk Deathrock Event" at Mercury Lounge NYC June 10th

Battle of the Telephoto Lenses

Alexander from Russia shooting pic of dog sculptures with cameras at Greenwich and W. 9th St.

Bookstore appearance

I'm doing a presentation on our new book SMALL HOMES at Spoonbill and Sugartown bookstore in Brooklyn Thursday June 1st, 7 PM, 99 Montrose Ave., Bushwick  

World Trade Center from Washington Square

There are good architects here and there in this world…

Doo Wah Diddy

Never fails/checked in to my little hotel in G. Village, stressed out from Byzantine check points at Toronto airport, slept an hour, hit streets. Man! It's like plugging into another planet with double the chi flow. Ate at Chinese noodle shop, ended up talking to (and sharing dishes) with people sitting next to me AND it turns out one of them is Nancy Bass Wyden, proprietor (and descendent of founders) of none other than the.venerable Strand bookshop, the 5-story ages-old NYC landmark; we exchanged cards.
Then out into the streets to Washington Square, then random street walking, talked to this guy delivering food for Caviar (Elmer). Then to McDougal St., Cafe Dante now slick, but Cafe Reggio is same dark soulful noisy Renaissance good-vibes place it was when I first came to NYC in 1957 (and rented a room on Morton St. for $60 a week while working the night shift at the Durkee shredded coconut factory in Queens, waiting to take a ship to Europe for a 3-month motor scooter (Lambretta)/youth hostel tour of Europe.
I love it here, the city so energetically inspiring.