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#thaipeppers from greenhouse

So true…


#rockbalancing on Google: http://bit.ly/1UO5hsl

Hayes Carll - KMAG YO YO


#tinyhouse on trailer, Petaluma, Calif. Nice proportions. #tinyhouseonwheels

#rockbalancing at the beach Tuesday night

Sustainable Forests and Backwoods Cabins in New Brunswick

Dear Shelter Publications,

First of all, thank you- I love your work.  The influence that the Shelter Publications team have had on my life is indescribable, to say the least.  I am a 30 year old designer/ builder/artist born and raised in the only bilingual province of Canada, New Brunswick.

Sake of the Song - Hayes Carll


Healing Broken Bones and Other Serious Injuries (Attention Especially Skateboarders, Snowboarders)

In the course of recovering from a fractured wrist, I discovered the following modalities. I'm listing them here without going into detail. Since not a lot of people have broken bones (or other injuries), the bulk of this post is on the next page.

Ruth's Paper Maché Tiny Home

Ruth Kneass decorated this little model and brought it to my exhibit of driftwood beach shack photos on Saturday. It was filled with marzipan cookies.

In the background is one of the photos in the exhibit.