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Spectacular Hotel in Peru: Clear Capsules Suspended 400 ft. High on Cliffside

"…a…way for visitors to enjoy the incredible views was to construct three transparent pods, suspended 400 feet above the valley floor as accommodations, accessible only after climbing up 1,400 iron rungs…set into the steep mountain face.…"
Photo© Natura Vive

100 Wild Huts

"100 Wild Huts is an experimental challenge I’ve set myself to build 100 small survival shelters on any piece of ground that harbours enough natural resources for the build. I intend to sleep rough in each shelter for one night and blog about the experiences. I intend to experiment with the huts form, structure and materiality in the hope that in due course this site will become a useful resource for budding adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike!"
Kevin Langan
Edinburgh, Scotland

Expedition Camper Vehicles

"Hi again Lloyd,

I would be stoked if you threw my name in the hat of those who build cool, small spaces for that TV show…

I just finished another adventure vehicle…

It is a 2003 Mitsubishi Fuso that is one of the original expedition campers…It has been to more countries than I can name, from Antarctica to the arctic…Around Australia and lived in full time for two years.…Pretty hard miles when the new owners got it and hand it over to me for a change…I was given a lot of creative space and the results are something I am especially proud of.…Have a look..."

Muscle Shoals Movie - 4-star!

Ran across this last night on Netflix, and is it good! It also seems to be available on Amazon. I knew about Muscle Shoals, but never put it all together. Excellent documentary about background musicians for some incredible singers and songs.

If you happen to watch it, listen to what Rick Hall says at the end, about imperfection.  He says that in the studio there will sometimes be mistakes. Like the drummer might drop his sticks, "…but it's OK with me if he gets right back into the beat." Then he says something like we need more imperfection in recording, meaning the human element in this digital world. Warmth of vinyl vs. sterility of digital. (There will be people who know exactly what I mean here.)

Tiny Homes on Wheels Builder in New York (State)

"Dear Lloyd,
    I have been fallowing your documentation religiously for more than 10 years now and been consistently inspired in my building by your work, so thank you so very much for that. I have built 2 tiny homes on wheels for myself, and having worked out some kinks on my own will be starting construction on a home on wheels for my mom in a month or so. The first attachment is of my first tiny house and the rest are of my second and current house which recently made a move 80 miles across upstate New York to Trumansburg, outside of Ithaca where I'll be building the house for my mom.…
Jamie Carestio"

The Brotherhood of Skateboarding in China's Far West

"In the ethnically mixed region of Xinjiang, in China’s far west, tensions run high, and the government-promoted slogan that 'Uighurs and Han are all one family”'is not embraced by everyone.

But Xie Shi, a 30-year-old photographer and skateboarder based in the eastern city of Nanjing, says that the skateboarding scene there is both ethnically diverse and more harmonious than the mainstream of society. In a new photography book titled Aghine…Mr. Xie compiled 64 photos he took on his two trips to Xinjiang last year. They include 30 portraits of skaters in the cities of Urumqi, Karamay and Kashgar, and in Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County. There are also photos that offer a glimpse of the everyday life in the far-flung western region.…"
Sent us by Ed Forgotson