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By Anagram Architects. This is an office building for the South Asian Human Rights Documentation Center, a non-governmental rights organization in New Dehli.

"The office for SAHRDC was designed on a 50sqm corner plot.
Single consolidated volumes were created on each floor, and flexibly partitioned.
Each volume is serviced by a buffer bay which shields internal work spaces and is composed of a cantilevered staircase and toilet stack. The porosity of the external wall ensures that this bay is well ventilated. A single repeating brick module creates a visually complex pattern reminiscent of traditional South Asian brise-soleil.
It was crucial for the façade to converse with the bustle on the street, whilst being fortified. The porosity of the wall, thus, maintains a degree of privacy while playfully engaging with the street corner."

Struttin' Hawaiian Rooster

I'm going back through my photos from Kauai this January. This guy was in Kapa'a.

Uncle Mud's Ongoing Cob Projects

Chris McClellan,AKA Uncle Mud, is a prolific builder, designer, teacher, dad, photographer, and computer wonk who seems to get a superhuman amount of things accomplished every year. Here's an e-mail from him on April 11, 2015:

Hey Lloyd, On my way to get kids muddy at the Asheville Mother Earth News Fair I stopped by these guys to discuss the rocket heater we're building as a workshop in their new strawbale octagon in September. I went from Cleveland where we had snow last week to 80 degrees sleeping on the porch of their old cabin. The stream roaring by a few feet away kept me away pleasantly through the night. A couple weeks ago I made it down to Greenville, AL to teach a cob oven building class. My friends James and Gert are living in a military tent in one of the poorest counties in the US surrounded by an amazing array of free and almost free building supplies--cob, pecan slabs, small diameter cedar and pine posts, $1 pallets. This summer they are collecting materials for a building workshop in the fall. Great fun. My daughter Sarah and I hop on a plane the day after she graduates in June to head for the Mother Earth News Fair in Oregon then visit Breitenbush and Ianto and SunRay before we take the train back. Will we see you there? Building another strawclay cottage in Cleveland in July. Great fun.


Uniquely Thin Wooden Bowls By Robert Bader

These were in the window of a shop in Hanapepe on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. They were very thin, and exquisite.They were apparently turned on a lathe, but I can't imagine how.