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Article in Vancouver Sun on Tiny Homes On The Move


I'm here in Vancouver. It's a spectacularly beautiful city, especially today, bright after yesterday's rain, the water sparkling, everyone out.
Doing an interview at 7 AM Monday on CBC's "Early Edition" program, then a presentation Monday night at The Vancouver Public Library…details here.

Uber 4X4 Toyota Truck

Last night spotted this tough truck. Up higher off ground than anything I've seen. That's Dan Capshaw of Mill Valley, Calif. His truck is a1985 Toyota with a steel and wood flat bed, a GM 4.3 liter V-6 motor. The shocks are huge.

For Native San Franciscans

I just sent this out to my high school friends:
A couple of things:

1. A friend told me to check out the Camera Obscura at the Cliff House, which I'd never done. It's a small building down below the restaurant, with a rotating lens that gives you a moving 360° panorama of the beach and Seal Rocks. Also, in the Cliff House, on the left side of the bar, there's a large monitor with photos of early San Francisco, including Sutro Baths, the original (and spectacular) Cliff House circa 1900, and Playland at the Beach*. You can get a beer and watch the procession of old photos.
2. Last week I got a book titled The Barbary Coast: An Informal History of the San Francisco Underworld by Herbert Asbury. I didn't realize how lawless and violent San Francisco was in its early days. It was like Deadwood, the TV series.
Here are a few other books (I know there are hundreds) on San Francisco:

(Live) Wind Patterns Over the USA

From Rick Gordon

News From The Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania Last Weekend

Air travel bonanza: I got 3 seats, so am sitting by the window, watching the sunrise illuminate the wings of this (United) A320 on my way home from Pittsburgh. A few things about flying:
1. I've lightened up and will never check a bag in again. I keep my Osprey roll-on slim enough to avoid cram-job in overhead bin.
2. I pay about $30 for preferred boarding, which lessens the cattle car routine.
3. I really like United these days. They've got a lot of things (including website) together; flight crews are friendly and helpful.
I wandered the Fair yesterday and found lots of useful tools and info, talked to a lot of people, many of whom knew (and had utilized) our building books.
Garden Tools A vendor was selling Italian garden tools; I bought a mattock, a machete (way different from Collins machetes), and a pair of fine pruning shears. http://www.growerstools.com/
Wood Stove with Oven I've been looking for a wood stove with visible fire window + an oven, and found one, which I'm pretty sure I'll order: "The Vermont Bun Baker," a high quality stove built in Australia, and encased in soapstone: http://www.vermontwoodstove.com