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Salvaged tiny home studio: tin can siding, paper bag wallpaper

Another great video on tiny homes from Fair Companies:

Brushy One String - Chicken in The Corn (Official Video)

From Gretchen

Valley of the Elves by Ellie Pritts

"In November 2010, my best friend and I found ourselves nearing the end of an impromptu and underfunded trip to Europe. With just 80 Euros to our names in Florence, we relied on a network of friends of acquaintances to secure lodging for a long weekend before we moved on to Athens. We had only a vague understanding of where we were going to spending the next few days. All we really knew was that we were going to be staying in a non-traditional community in the mountains northeast of us. The author J.R.R Tolkien and “elves” were mentioned, but we weren’t sure how much of what was being told to us was simply lost in translation.
   We boarded a train, a bus, a Jeep and finally walked on foot to reach our destination. It was breathtaking. We were greeted by a herd of cattle wandering the valley as we made our way to the dwellings. We learned that the community was nearly entirely self-sufficient; all their food was grown there. There were many cows, goats and chickens being raised as well. We also learned the name of the community, which translates to the Valley of The Elves in English.…"
Click here.

Building With Logs - 1957 USDA Government Pamphlet

Great pamphlet, good drawings and photos, plus some really nice furniture designs. You can scout around on this website for other vintage publications.

One of Our Youngest Fans

Hi Lloyd,
Looks like my granddaughter is still a fan. She's moved up from the tiny book to the full sized version.
Happy New Year,
Michael (McNamara)

She is looking at a copy of Builders of the Pacific Coast. Michael was one of the featured builders in the book.

Encounter With Coyote

Was driving through a nearby valley last night. Dark, moon not yet up. The '50s station on Sirius radio had good stuff playing. Everley Brothers, "Wake Up Little Suzy," and a coyote crossed the road and stood along the side. A few of the local coyotes are a bit scraggly, but this one was healthy, handsome, a fine specimen of Canis species…I stopped, rolled window down. He (looked like a male) just stood there, maybe 20 feet away, looking at me, music playing, he had to be listening:
"Whatta we gonna tell your mama,
Whatta we gonna tell your pa,
Whatta we gonna tell our friends,
when they say “ooh-la-la…”
We looked at each other for maybe 10 seconds, then he loped off…
Later, driving home along the coast: "Fannie Mae" by Buster Brown, "Save the Last Dance For Me" by The Drifters, then "Maybeline" by Chuck Berry, it sounded so exuberant, fine for this moonlit night.

Little Home in San Rafael, Running At Night

Drove over the hill yesterday, listening to Deadbeat Poets' Society, Mott the Hoople (All the Young Dudes), shot pic of this nice little home in San Rafael…Went running alone, night-before-full-moon, no headlight necessary; it's taken me years to cast off the feeling that I have to "train," i.e. push it to stay in shape for races. Now I'm comfortable going at my own pace, pushing it a bit on the uphills to get the cardio system pumping, stopping to catch my breath and enjoy the view…photo of the coast…last photo of horses shot in pretty total dark. One of them came over and let me pat him on the cheek…the wetlands are dry this year; usually the frogs are loud, but nary a frog voice last night.

Traditional Finnish Log House Building Process

From Jon Kalish

Vintage (1934) Lightweight Trailer Being Auctioned in Arizona

"Designed as a “personal size” camping trailer aimed at traveling salesmen, the Bowlus Papoose had the potential to revolutionize the industry, boasting such features as a gas-welded steel frame and a riveted aluminum skin. High production costs for Bowlus travel trailers led to high selling prices, however, and only six Papoose models were believed to have been built before the company folded. This weekend, the prototype Bowlus Papoose travel trailer heads to auction, giving bidders a chance to own a unique piece of American motoring history. …"
Click here.
From Bob Kahn

Wood Stove by Tim Biggins

Thought you might enjoy seeing an example of a hand crafted wood stove - made by Tim Biggins on Hornby Island BC. Several of Tim's stoves were featured in the Builders of the Pacific Coast book. This body is made of three truck rims, the door is made from the round end of a propane tank and the base is a huge block (pulley) from a spar tree. 30 years old and still keeping us warm.
   -Don Peterson