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Compressed-air-powered Bamboo Motorscooter Concept

"EcoMoto was a third year studio class, aimed at developing a concept motorbike built around a compressed air powered engine developed by EngineAir Australia. Through the semester we developed an understanding of what motorcycles are, created personas and scenarios to design to, and benchmarked other bikes on the market to develop our package drawings around.
After developing the basic package of our bike design, we had a relatively short period to generate concept drawings, and to develop the form of the bike.…" Click here.

Old Adobes In Patagonia, Arizona

"Patagonia, Arizona is a small town with a wealth of old adobes,
which I would guess mostly date to the last quarter of the 19th century,
and the beginning of the 20th.…"
Click here.

Trail Running in the Natural World

"Hi Lloyd
I saw this video the other day and found it pretty inspiring I know its made by a large running company but I think it still keeps the essence of running/simple living anyhow thought it might interest you.
    Thanks for your blog/books They are fascinating and inspiring!- Builders of the Pacific Coast is the best book I own and has made me look for a change in work towards traditional carpentry! Anyway heres the link
   Keep up the amazing work!
   Chris (Wall)"

Around the World in a Volkswagen Westfalia

"…We have travelled through places like Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, Polynesia, New Zealand, Japan and even circum-navigated North America in our VW Westfalia.  Currently we are on a grand adventure in our Westy, driving through the Americas.

Tiny Happy Homes

"Tiny Happy Homes is the second tiny house company launched by Joe Everson, currently best known for Tennessee Tiny Homes. Joe is moving to Denver.…
   'My parents just retired and moved into the 400 square foot tiny home in my backyard that we built for my grandma who spent her final years there. My brother and my father will keep Tennessee Tiny Homes running here with my crew while I go out west looking for adventure and to grow Tiny Happy Homes.…'”

Surfing the Wedge - Slow Motion Carnage

"For you SoCal refugees, here's some 'carnage' at the Wedge in Newport..

for those that don't know,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wedge_(surfing)

and a little Dick Dale music commemorating...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8e-SStDMf4

Mike W"

Monday Morning Fish Fry

Day at the beach Yesterday I walked a few miles along the coast, carrying my wetsuit, surf mat and fins in a backpack. I've had the mat for over a year and never used it. It was sunny, the ocean glassy, surf 3-4 feet, but breaking straight across. Suited up -- gotta bite the bullet sometime -- and hit the water. Two surfers out, getting creamed each time they got up…When I got out, surf had jumped to 4-6', breaking kah-wump with big thick lips…Bottom line: surfing a mat ain't as easy as I thought, or as easy as it looks. I had a hard time getting in the right place at the right time. I did get one ride, but also got pounded a couple of times. But you know, at my age, I ain't complainin, just getting in the water always generates chi…On the way back, there were these rock sculptures, hadn't been there a few hours earlier.

   Tiny Homes On The Move is moving, albeit slowly. Rick has been working over a month, doing Photoshop work on the 1,000+ photos, many of which need resuscitation; on some of these he's performing minor miracles, bringing out lacking color, depth and sharpness…I had a sort of breakthrough Friday when I cancelled a planned kayak adventure to Drake's Estero and stayed here and got the intro and credits pages done, had been putting off for weeks. Now that everything is laid out, we will spend a month or so making corrections, and coming up with a cover.
Half Acre Homestead: I'm doing a presentation on tools Friday here at Commonweal. Click here.