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Sk8ing Again

For months I've been wistfully looking at the downhills, especially the newly-paved. Just couldn't risk a fall with shoulder healing. But things feel together enough for me to venture back on the pavement. So much fun!
  Since I've never learned to slide (whereby you can control yr. speed), I need to get off the board before getting to the speed where I can't get off and remain vertical. For now I'm just skating gentle slopes and carving. No (well not much) bombing.
   I wear Loaded gloves with hockey pucks velcroed to the palms. Cliff Coleman, downhill speed legend, told me that when you fall, remember 4 words: "Get On Your Hands." Meaning get those hockey pucks sliding on the pavement so you're not sanding off skin. Also be on your knees, i.e. knee pads with hard surfaces, so you're on all fours, sliding on hockey pucks and knee pads. The one time I had the presence of mind to do this was in San Francisco late at night when my board hit an unsurmountable crack in the pavement, and I skidded along on 4 noncorporeal surfaces. Felt pretty good about that.
   Boards shown from my, ahem sponsors: at left my Santa Cruz (not sure of model)----for bombing and sharper turns, at right my Loaded Bhangra, which I ride most of the time for mellow downhills, smooth turns.

It's a tree, it's a house, it's ... The Treehouse!

From Mike W today:

Sorry for the ad to endure…From the Flying Tortoise site…
http://www.11alive.com/rss/article/192103/40/Its-a-tree-its-a-house-its--The-Treehouse 2

Vine: 6-second Videos

I'm not exactly up-to-date on the latest in anything, so I just learned about Vine, Twitter's six-second video app. Now there's an idea! 6 seconds.I do find it a bit confusing in that it doesn't start and stop, but loops back and starts over at the end. 2 things I just learned:
1. Click on it to stop it.
2. Click on speaker @ top left to activate sound.
Seems like a powerful new means of communication. Grab those short attention spans! Info here. Vine blog here.

No bottom line I

Waking up on a floating island on Lake Titicaca, Peru

Click here.
Photo by Breanna Raymer
For more info on the floating islands, click here.
From Rick Gordon

Twigitecture: Building Human Nests

NYTimes article today by Penelope Green, photos by Drew Kelly for The New York Times

BIG SUR — Last week, I spent a night in a nest. Woven from eucalyptus branches, it bloomed high on the side of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway, a great whorl of sticks atop four gnarly pillars. The north wind hissed through the gaps in the branches and the fog settled on my face and sleeping bag, but I could see the stars through the nest’s oculus entry and hear the elephant seals miles below honking and braying in a lullaby like no other.…
   Mr. Hefer, whose first name is Willem and who was nicknamed by his brother (“But now I am skinny and he is fat”), came to nest-building after he soured on advertising. “I was looking for a product that was three-dimensional and that actually mattered,” he said.
   He was a fan of Buckminster Fuller and Shelter, the ’70s era counterculture bible of D.I.Y. building, and a keen observer of the indigenous building styles of his country.…"
Click here.

Walk Among the Shipwrecks on the Bottom of the Aral Sea

"The Aral Sea was once the world's fourth-largest, saline, body of water. It has been steadily shrinking since the 1960s, after the rivers that fed it were diverted by Soviet Union irrigation projects, and now it's almost gone, leaving a desert full of old shipwrecks."
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Sent us by Godfrey Stephens

Ain't That Just Like Me/The Searchers

Ain't That Just Like Me by The Searchers on Grooveshark
Cranked this up to high volume driving along the coast last night, moonlight shining on water. I'm getting interviewed tomorrow by a Russian author, Vladimir Yakovlev, who's doing a book called The Rules of Happiness. Its about, um, old people who are physically active. An earlier book called The Age of Happiness (in Russian) was a hit. His photographs are superb.

One of the questions they are going to ask me is "What makes you happy?" and I've been thinking about it. Well, about 1000 things, but music is sure one of them. The Searchers are from Liverpool. Boy, did those English guys (incl Beatles, Stones) teach us Americans a thing or two about our music!

German Town Produces 321% More Renewable Energy Than It Needs!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Largest Solar Power Plant in World": Might interest:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzc77Lqkldk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wildpoldsried



Paddle Race in Capitola June 22, 2013

There is a 2-mile and 12-mile paddle race in Capitola (sister town of Santa Cruz), Calif. on June 22, 2013. It's in honor of surfer Jay Moriarty and has divisions for different ages and for regular paddleboards and standup boards.
Click here.

The Pax is the iPhone 5 of Vaporizers

This in from Anonymous:

"By this I mean a real breakthrough. Elegant, small, stealthy. When you press down on the mouthpiece, it pops up and activates a subtly pulsing purple light. In 20-30 seconds, this turns green and vapor is ready.

When people seem shocked at the $250 price, I ask them what they think their lungs are worth.

Read about here on Cool Tools."

Learning Carpentry and Eric Marth's Photography

Hi, Lloyd,
My name is Eric Marth, I'm writing in from Virginia.  Thank you for all the work you've put into Shelter and your great blog.…This morning I was catching up with your blog and found a post I'd first read in the fall about starting out in carpentry (It's here). Since the fall I've been working full time for my friend Jason who owns a small construction business here in Fredericksburg. I'd worked for him off and on for a few years, a day or two here and there, while also working in a great used bookstore in town before joining the crew. In my case it was the meeting of my interest and the good fortune of knowing someone in the trade. I'd known Jason for a few years before starting to work with him. I'm still green, but have gone from pushing a broom to wearing a tool belt. The work has been great and satisfying and I haven't been happier. I live here in town and have the rare pleasure of coming home for lunch each day, eating from the garden and taking a short nap. It seems like this sort of thing has all but disappeared from most of our lives.

Swanton Berry Farm

Stopped here on our way down Highway One Saturday to see Aine and Will and one-day-old grandson #2. If you ever travel to Santa Cruz from San Francisco on the coastal highway, I recommend stopping in at this wonderful farm/store/cafe/museum. Union workers, organic strawberries (and shortcake), good coffee, vintage photos of the area 100 years ago. Totally good place. Plus the honor system of payment.

Art Prints by Jennifer Ring

"The starting point for each image was an original drawing of a bird or animal which I matched with various papers, some with personal meaning, such as a friend's handwriting; a typewritten letter from a time now past; my grandfather's yellowed medical chart from WW1..." http://jenspen.ca

Vancouver Allows Small-scale Chicken Flocks


A Ton of Living Roofs

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From the same Anonymous

A Ton of Things To Do With Recycled Doors

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From Anonymous

Chop Chop Compost

From Darren (Green Change)